Rock Island Sportsbooks

Rock Island Sportsbooks

In case you haven't already heard, Rock Island sportsbooks are on their way to Illinois. It may sound a bit presumptuous considering that no location there has a license to offer sports betting yet, but as you continue to read you will see why sports betting in Rock Island is coming sooner rather than later. The current gambling climate in the city is already favorable, with residents and visitors already able to partake in all types of gaming. There is already one Class III gaming facility in Rock Island, at which patrons can play live poker, roulette, blackjack, poker, slots, and other traditional casino games. Rock Island sports betting is the only offering that’s missing, but luckily locals will not have to go much longer without it.

It is too soon to name exactly which locations will be the best sportsbooks in Rock Island, Illinois, but we can still go ahead and share a few predictions. Sports betting in Rock Island will look a lot like the current scene in Vegas, with bookmakers offering the latest betting odds on NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, and other popular sports. There is no doubt that there will be drinks flowing, comfortable seating, and plenty of wide-screen TVs to watch all of the games. Of course, Rock Island sports betting is not an entirely new concept, as residents have been using offshore sportsbooks for years. Bovada, BetOnline, MyBookie, and other overseas operators have been accepting IL residents for years. The difference now is that bettors will be able to visit their favorite local Rock Island sportsbook to place bets instead of solely wagering online.

As mentioned before, at this point we are giving our well-researched guess as to where the best Rock Island, Illinois sportsbooks will be. To help you see why we selected certain sportsbooks, there will also be a detailed review of what types of gaming are currently offered. As Rock Island sportsbooks do start to become a reality, we will update our list accordingly.

NFL Betting In Rock Island

Whether you are a Chicago Bears fan or just a plain NFL fan, you can begin betting on the NFL while in Rock Island, Illinois. There are many land-based sportsbooks in and around the city for players to go and wager on games. If you don’t want to get out of your house, there are still opportunities to bet on the next Sunday Night Football game while in the house. There are also legal online sportsbooks available for anyone of the legal age to use. With sportsbooks, in Rock Island, you will find any type of bet on football games you are looking for and even chances to bet during live games. Whenever you are ready, you can start with your betting journey in the city of Rock Island.

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Mobile Sportsbooks In Rock Island

Online and mobile sportsbooks are available in Rock Island and everywhere else in Illinois. Bettors in the city have more options to chose from because there are state-sanctioned online and offshore sportsbooks to use. Whichever option you chose, you will be able to bet on the biggest upcoming NFL games from the living room couch. The offshore sportsbooks like Bovada, BetOnline, SportsBetting, and MyBookie have countless lines for you to shop on their mobile versions and lucrative bones to take advantage of for bettors in Rock Island.

Live Betting in Rock Island

If you are located in Rock Island, Illinois you can enjoy live betting on your favorite games. When using the live betting feature, you can places bets on a single game in real-time and thought the game. The odds update as the game progresses and allows you to bet on a game multiple times with the advantage of seeing how the game is flowing. Players betting on the NFL can benefit from live betting by making predictions on who will score next after witnessing the momentum of a certain team. There are tons of live betting opportunities at the recommended offshore sportsbooks.

Is Sports Betting Currently Legal In Rock Island?

Sports betting is legal in Rock Island as well as everywhere in the state and it is only a matter of time before sports betting licenses are offered to gaming establishments in Rock Island. Illinois, like many states, had been waiting for the legalization of sports wagering for quite some time. In light of the Supreme Court ruling in the Murphy vs. NCAA sports betting case, lawmakers have now put the ball in motion.

In Murphy vs. NCAA, the state of New Jersey argued that the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act of 1992 (PASPA) was unconstitutional as it violated the anti-commandeering clause of the Constitution. PASPA effectively banned sports betting in the United States, with the exception of four states that were grandfathered into the law. PASPA made it so that Nevada was the only state with single-game sports wagering, and Delaware was limited to NFL parlay bets. After years of lawsuits, New Jersey got their case heard by the Court and ultimately won. The Supreme Court ruled that PASPA did violate the Tenth Amendment, which in turn struck down the federal ban on sports gambling. Without the interference of PASPA, each state can now choose which forms of sports betting to make legal.

Illinois chose to make pretty much all forms legal and attached a high tax rate and license fee for operators to pay. Rock Island sports betting will likely come in the form of mobile sports betting apps, land-based sports books, and sports betting sites. The bill that passed through the state legislature included language for all of these provisions, though online sports betting operators that want to operate in the state without being tethered to a retail sportsbook would have to wait 18 months to launch independently. (However, online sportsbooks found a loophole) Details such as licensure eligibility, taxes, and fees were finalized by the Illinois Gaming Board and now towns across the state have casino sportsbooks as well as online sports betting.

However, if you don’t feel like going to a casino sportsbook or if you’re traveling outside of the state you have another option. Try your hand at offshore sportsbooks if you are a gambler who travels out of state often as these overseas operators do not have any location restrictions. They also do not have any collegiate betting line bans, so if that were to occur in Illinois, you would still have an outlet for betting on the Fighting Illini.

So, to answer the question more directly, yes, sports betting in Illinois is legal in Rock Island but there are no venues that offer the activity because they are waiting for approval from the state’s regulatory Board. That being said, the state is further ahead than others in their efforts to bring legalized sports wagering to Illinois. Once legal Rock Island sportsbooks are launched, our readers will be the first to know!

What Is The Gambling Age In Rock Island, Illinois?

The gambling age in Rock Island, Illinois is 21 years old. Rock Island sportsbooks and casinos both abide by this age, as it applies to all types of Class III gaming. Once you are at least 21 years old, you can visit any of the top sportsbooks in Rock Island, Illinois to start wagering on your favorite sports teams. Even if you decide to use a mobile sportsbook or wager at a sports betting site, you will still need to be at least 21. Never attempt to visit a Rock Island sportsbook prior to being the legal gambling age, as there are serious legal consequences.

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Best Sportsbooks In Rock Island, Illinois

The best sportsbooks in Rock Island, Illinois will provide an exciting sports betting experience for local enthusiasts. Sports fans will be able to walk into their favorite Rock Island sportsbook and put money on the Chicago Cubs, Chicago Bulls, Chicago Bears, and other popular teams. You will be able to bet on the moneyline, total, or point of any matchup, or, place a few exotic sports bets – the choice will be yours. These venues will allow patrons to watch, wager, eat and drink to create a fun sports wagering environment. While our list is expected to grow, here are the venues that we believe will offer the best sports betting in Rock, Island, Illinois.

Jumer's Casino & Hotel Sportsbook

Jumer's Casino & Hotel

Jumer's Casino & HotelOnce the Sportsbook at Jumer’s Casino Hotel arrives, you can bet on the location becoming one of the best sportsbooks in Rock Island, IL. Until then, visitors can still enjoy some of the most fun gaming action in the Quad Cities. You can stay where you play by booking a room at the hotel, eat a delicious meal at one of their restaurants, or enjoy the music at their nightclub. Jumer’s Casino has a little bit of everything, so why not join in on the excitement?

When it comes to gaming at Jumer’s, the casino features a 42,000 square foot gaming floor with more than 1,000 slot machines and 22 table games. The slot machines at the casino are in denominations that range from one cent to $25, with a game for every type of player. There are classic slots, progressive jackpots, and even video poker. Some of the more popular titles include Wheel of Fortune, Lightening Links, and Hot Shots.

If table games are more your speed, there are games like roulette, blackjack, craps, and a dedicated Poker Room. For those that want even more excitement, sign up for one of their live Texas Hold ‘Em poker tournaments. Though the Jumer’s Sportsbook has not opened its doors just yet, you can add a sports betting lounge to the list of future offerings. The lounge will likely be close to the Poker Room as they like to keep these areas in their own little area. Lounges are becoming a staple in the sports betting world and we can almost assure you that Jumer’s Casino will build out one high tech lounge.

The good thing about this Jumer’s casino is there are always different promotions every month. There is always something going on for players and customers who come into the Jumers Casino. With the gambling age sitting at 21, there will plenty of adults who can actually drink if wanted to so there will be plenty of drink promotions as well. Jumer's Casino is known for having great prizes and promotions that help its customers in the future when they come back is why they keep the same group coming back and they bring more people with them! This has always been an important thing for those players who are consistent players at Jumers. Making you do check every month for different promotions is recommended because possibly winning up to $1500 is one of them.

As far as dining and entertainment, there are four options to choose from. You can visit DJ’s Steakhouse for full-service dining, or stop by the Blue Square Café for more casual dining. Blue Square Café has some of the best fish and chips we have experienced and we recommend ordering that should you visit the café – or the Cleveland Bomber for those who like wraps. The Edje Nightclub is where the fun lasts all night, with gaming, live entertainment, and more. Book a room in one of the 205 luxurious suites at Jumer’s Casino and Hotel when you want to stay overnight.


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